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The Longevity Project can customize workshops to align with you and/or your employees interests! Below is a list of our most popular workshop topics. Don't see quite what you had in mind, just ask! Our team of experts can design workshops that suit you! We offer workshops on nutritional health, physical health, mental health, and financial health!




You Are What You Eat - The Holistic Approach to General Wellness

Understand the difference between “Primary Foods” & “Secondary Foods.”

Primary = career, relationships, emotions, spirituality, activity level, and finances.

Secondary = Nourishing macro and micro nutrients we put into our bodies.

How does food affect your emotions, stress levels, hormones, major bodily functions?

Inner beauty affects your outer beauty!


Eating for Energy + Sugar Busters

Understand your caffeine & sugar addiction.

Understand how hormones play a role in your energy stores, depletion, & sleep cycle.

Misleading labels on “Energy” drinks and making your own.

Why we NEED sugar in the right amounts! Moderation is key.

Reduce your cravings by using natural whole foods that will fuel your day.

Find your inner energy.


Weight Management + Digestion

Avoid counting calories and learn what program works for you and why!

Why does the latest fad diet work for your best friend but not for you?

Not all calories are equal!

How our hormones affect weight loss

Dramatically reduce digestion issues

The importance of liver function - Flushing your body of toxins



How Nutrition Ties Into Fitness + Time Management for the Busy Professional  

Your perfect body - not somone elses idea of perfection.

The mind body connection of exercise.

Eating out without going overboard.

Finding variety in what you eat and how you exercie.

Healthy fats and how to separate myth from truth.

The Vending Machine nightmare!

Find alternatives and what works for you & your schedule without feeling lik you have to do it all.


Feeding Your Family

Make sure your family is getting the nutrients they need.

The Supermarket Sweep – Clean out your fridge of junk food!

How to use the weekends to prep.

Balancing a hectic schedule and catering to you & your family’s needs.

Finding balance between your work life & family life with a focus on health.




Yoga While You Work

Understanding simple stretches that you can do at your chair or during your break to help alleviate pain and promote alignment.

Understanding your breath and how it can be used to calm your mind or energize your mood during your work day.


Ergonomics and Proper Posture

Learn how proper posture can help you fight fatigue and stress.

Learn How better posture can save your spine later in life.

Learn how to bend lift and twist properly in all your daily activities to avoid pain and damage to your back.


Working With A Personal Trainer

Learn why and how a trainer can help optimize a workout.

Learn how proper technique can help you avoid injury.

Learn how and why another person’s energy and encouragement can push you to your optimal potential and goals.


Being Heart Healthy!

5 simple steps to keep yourself free of heart disease no matter what your age.

Understand how your diet affects your heart health.

Cardiovascular exercise to promote healthy hearts.

The early signs of heart disease.


Living In Florida - Protecting Your Skin

The benefits and risks of sun exposure.

How to protect your skin besides the obvious (SPF).

Skin Cancer: the signs and when to get that mole checked out.

How much more at risk are Floridians for skin cancer?


Chronic Pain - How To Manage Holisticly.

Stretches and tools to manage your physical pain.

Meditation and Yoga to relieve stress that can cause flare ups.

How diet can affect your pain levels.



Sex & Stress

Learn how a healthy sex life can be beneficial to your overall health.

How to talk about the nitty-gritty with your partner.

How stress and sex are directly related.

Understand the necessity of communication.

When Sex Therapy may be helpful for your relationship.


The Blissful Detox

Rejuvinate your mind and body.

How to use meditation to reduce stress and detox your mind.

How peace-of-mind can make a healthier you!

Understand how stress affects your health and simple exercises to relieve your anxiety.


Detox Your Stress

Remove negative thinking from your mental habits.

Learn ways to calm your nervous system

Learn how stress takes a toll on our body.

Understand how to cope to promote less reactivity and more positive thinking.

Breathing Exercises to relieve stress.



Setting a Budget and Reducing Your Debt

The key to financial success is learning how to set a budget that includes savings and retirement planning.

How to create a detailed budget can ensure that you don’t forget to treat your savings like a monthly bill.

Understand how to analyze your debt and prioritize which debts to pay off first.


The ABC’s of Financial Planning

Learn about all your financial options: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds etc.

Why it is important to review and adjust your plan frequently.

Where do you start? – Prioritize what products are best suited for your personal circumstances. 

Setting your goals and how to achieve them.


The Challenges Women Face When Investing In Today’s Market

How longevity affects women when planning for retirement.

Understanding strategies designed to make sure you don’t outlive your assets.

How to prepare for the largest expense women face in retirement.

Understanding how much money you need to save to reach your goals.

How Social Security benefits can adversely affect women.


Protecting Your Family

Learn why a simple will, power of attorney, and durable medical power of attorney can protect you and your family during challenging times.

Why you don’t want your estate to go into probate.

What type of trust is best for you?

Protecting your loved ones with life insurance.



Planning to Start a Family

How much Life Insurance coverage should you & you spouse have?

How to start a college savings plan.

How do adjust your budget for a new family member.

Should you utilize the Florida pre-pay college savings program?

Will your family qualify for financial aid?

Teaching your children about money.


Understanding Your Company’s Retirement Benefits

Learn how to maximize the benefits that are available to you and/or your spouse.

Learn how to maximize your 401(k)

Your 401(k) might not be enough to satisfy your retirement needs.

Understand what outside products are available to make sure you can maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

Nutritional Health
Physical Health
Mental Health
Financial Health
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