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The Longevity Project has taken that hard part out of your search for journey to a healthier & wealthier you by researching and vetting the best of the best. We provide our clients access to industry leading experts and resources to help you and/or your employees find the best solutions for their needs. 


Zeel Massage On Demand
Use the code LONGEVITY to get
$25 off your first massage! 
Download the Zeel app on your iPhone or Android to get top-quality massage to your home, hotel, workplace, or event in as little as an hour, or at the time you want - up to a month in advance! Zeel Massage therapists are the best in the industry. They are licensed, screened, background-checked, and fully vetted by the Zeel team. Their therapists are chosen for their excellence and further trained by Zeel to reach the highest levels of customer service and experience.
Hubbub Health


What is Hubbub?

Online Challenges to Inspire Wellness at Any Time! Are you ready for some healthy competition? 

Create your own blend of challenges for you and/or your employees in these  five categories - move, nourish, balance, mingle and rewind. There are no shoulds here - only opportunities. Opportunities to make a change for the better with the help of family, friends and even strangers who are in the same boat. hubbub turns your social network into your support network and your shoulds into "You bet I did"s! 

How do you Hubbub? 

At hubbub you can get healthy and stay healthy because their challenges allow you to string together a chain of small changes that build upon each other. You set a goal, challenge yourself to get there with as many steps as you want, bust through it and set another. No shoulds, only dos! 

“I should get in better shape” becomes “I am walking 3 times a week and eating more vegetables at lunch.”



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Links We Love

Dr. Mercola - Health Articles, Newsletters, and more! 

Vitamix - Great Recipe Source! 

Vital Choice - Wild Seafood & Organics

DoTerra Oils - Essential Oils that can help with a variety of ailments! 

Mind Body Green - Your Guide to Wellness. A great source for articles and recipes. 



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