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Clubs & Committees 


The Longevity Project can help your business or organization develop committees and clubs througout your workforce! Starting various clubs and committees allows your employees to get involved with something that truly interests them. We have found that knowing that you have the support of your friends and colleagues makes it easier for one to start making the lifestyle changes that will truly make a difference in their overall health. 


Some examples of the types of clubs and committees we can help you develop and organize are: 





Wellness Committee 

Women's Committee

Men's Committee 

Family Committee 

Cooking Committee







Running Club

Walking Club

Yoga Club

Recipe Club

Weight Loss Club 



The Longevity Project has partnered with industry experts such as running coaches, yoga studios, chefs, and more to help you develop your teams. We will help you pinpoint the top interests of your employees or colleagues to help decide what committees and clubs might be best for your company or organization.

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