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Renée Rosen


Renée Rosen is the owner of Green Eggs & Kale™, a holistic nutritional and wellness consulting company in Miami Beach, Florida. Renée offers personalized services and programs dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by making nutritional and lifestyle changes. She wants to share her knowledge about the way food affects performance, energy, sleep, pain levels, prevents disease, improves appearance, and helps you live a longer, more fulfilled life.


Each person holds the key to creating a healthy future by eating the right clean, organic, whole foods (especially greens!!) and complementing them with mindfulness, peace and love. Whether you are a busy professional or new mom with limited time and energy, you want to lose weight, learn how to cook easy yet healthy meals, help a loved one improve their health, prevent disease and strengthen your immune system, decrease stress, or increase confidence, Renée’s approach and expertise in health and nutrition will help you improve your life and your relationship with food.


Green Eggs & Kale Offers the Following Services:


Nutritional Consultations

Work with Renée to learn about what foods you should be incorporating or eliminating from your diet. Optimize your health and overall wellness from the inside out!


Personalized Nutritional/Wellness Programs

Work with Renée to create a personalized program that focuses on your needs. Everyone is different and we will work together step-by-step to reach you or your entire family’s health and wellness goals. Additionally, Renée offers food demonstrations and will guide you on a tour of your local supermarket or health food store to help navigate the aisles and find the healthiest options for you and your family.


Workshops for Businesses

Renée offers informative seminars to small businesses and their employees. Your staff can learn important information on a variety of health-related topics. All workshops include samples of healthy snacks, juices and treats.


GROW by Green Eggs & Kale™

 A new 4 phase program focusing on growing families. Choose one or all four phases of the GROW program to suit your needs! (Nutrition for Fertility, Nutrition During Pregnancy, Raising a Healthy Family, & Nutritious Nanny)




Renée Rosen, CHHC, AADP

Green Eggs & Kale




Phone: 786.525.7899  

Media & Event Apperances: 

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