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Debbie's Dream Fund

Meet Debbie Sain: 


"Debbie Sain, 38, was enjoying the greatest moments of her life, but weeks after giving birth to our son, Debbie was rushed to the hospital on January 3, 2013 due to severe abdominal pain. The doctors advised for emergency surgery and Debbie handled it well. She had just gone through a C-Section in November, but she remained strong.  Days later we were informed Debbie had cancer and that she would need additional treatment.  We moved overnight to NYC to begin treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy Debbie endured with bravery, courage and resolve. She never stopped smiling and continued to always light up the room, just as she did the day we first met in Manhattan, some four years ago. 


Throughout 2013, Debbie and our family took one of the most difficult journeys that anyone could endure. We continued to fight until the end with love, courage and support from the entire team on the 10th floor of Sloan Memorial Hospital. Debbie passed away on December 23, 2013 but her legacy will live on in her beautiful 17-month old son, Max.


We feel the team on the 10th floor is part of our extended family and it was their incredible support that allowed Debbie to spend so much time during Max's first year of life, including hosting his 1 year birthday party in the 10th floor family visiting room. It is these special moments that last in the hearts of the patients and all of the supporting family members. Debbie and I wanted to provide funds for other families to enjoy these special moments when facing challenges while battling cancer on M10. Also, we would like to provide for supporting spouses and family members that stand by their loved ones during their difficult journeys. For each smile that is made, Debbie will be proud to know she helped inspire that moment." - Jason Sain


The Longevity Project donated the net proceeds of their recent Women's Health & Wealth Conference Event to Debbie's Dream Fund. 


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