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Mission Statement

The Longevity Project's goal is to educate the South Florida community about the importance and correlation between one's health and wealth. There are many challenges throughout a lifetime with respect to these mutually exclusive fields. The Longevity Project navigates individuals through the confusion with the help of likeminded professionals in the local community.


The knowledge we provide empowers individuals to be able to make healthy lifestyle choices whether big or small. These choices are cumulative and directly effect financial and physical well being. Inspiration from our leaders will help you grasp the concepts of health and wealth and how to make sure you are equipped to live long, healthy, beautiful, and meaningful life while having the financial security to last a lifetime.

About The Longevity Project

Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected twists. There is only so much we can plan for in advance. Bradley J. Rosen, President of Rosen Financial  was in a terrible car accident 15 years ago. While thankful for his life, Bradley's injuries resulted in chronic pain throughout his body and he suddenly found himself struggling to live a positive life. Physical therapy was not enough and Bradley began seeking alternative and holistic forms of therapy to help manage his pain so that he could get back to work and live a fulfilling life. Through holistic and organic living, Bradley began seeing noticable improvements and dramatic positive results.

Renée Rosen, Bradley's wife, has always been interested in nutritional health but had to embark on a journey of her own. When she met Brad, Renée was into nutrition, but was too focused on counting calories, fad diets, and what the number on the scale revealed. She did not have a true understanding of how to eat for her body type and her own personal health. Meeting Brad opened up a new chapter of these interests. She saw first hand, how food and proper supplementation could heal and/or reduce chronic pain and so she decided to take it to the next level for her own self discovery.


Traveling to warm mineral springs and learning from her nutritional guru, Renee discovered there was more to food than calories and the latest diet plan. She experimented with different nutrient dense foods and became fascinated with the power of proper nutrition. Combining organics, enjoyment of flavorful food, the spiritual process of cooking/baking, and mindful eating, Renée now shares her knowledge of how to learn about your body and its nutritional needs through her business Green Eggs & Kale

Bradley & Renée quickly noticed the direct correlation between their businesses and decided to collaborate by starting The Longevity Project – an innovative new company designed to promote a healthy & wealthy community. They believe that it is important to understand that financial peace-of-mind is and important factor to consider in your overall physical and mental health. Bradley & Renée’s goal is to educate the Miami community and encourage people to embrace healthier lifestyles and secure their financial future so they can live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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