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Educate Your Employees


Awareness and education are key components of instituting a corporate wellness program. The Longevity Project’s experts include holistic nutritionists, physicians, therapists, life coaches, physical trainers, exercise specialists, financial professionals and many more. It is our goal to encompass several industries that have an important impact in adopting healthy lifestyle changes.  By providing your organization with access to the necessary tools and specialists, your employees will gain an increased awareness of their overall health and how they can achieve the goals that they set for themselves.           


Our educational format is fun, interactive, hands-on, and thought provoking. We believe that providing your employees with the resource of community health experts will inspire them to seek outside help. Ideally, a continued emphasis on healthy living would encourage your employees to continue their journey towards optimal health outside of work. Ultimately, personalizing progressive health goals is key to creating long-lasting behavior change. Add these educational tools to your checklist to get your employees in the know:

Financial Workshops, Corporate Wellness

Bradley Rosen, co-founder of The Longevity Project.

Health & Wealth Workshop

Customized Workshops: The Longevity Project works with local health experts to help present comprehensive and fun workshops for employees. We can work closely with your company to develop a personalized program to help get your team healthy, wealthy & wise! Workshops can be on a wide range of topics from how your health can affect your wealth, to ergonomics, to holistic nutrition.

CLICK HERE to view a list of the workshops we offer! 


Newsletters, Articles & Recipes: It is important to send out informative articles, newsletters, and/or bulletins about health and wellness to keep this initiative fresh and in the forefront of your employees’ minds. Utilizing feedback from our workshops, The Longevity Project does the research for you and provides you with articles specific to the interests of your team as well as fun handouts such as easy to make recipes. 


Campaigns: Whether it’s Avoid The Elevator – Take the Stairs or Cover Your Cough – there are a wide range of ideas for promoting different wellness campaigns throughout the year. It doesn’t require everyone to do it but offers support and encouragement.


Challenges: Challenges and incentives can make a big difference in kick starting a healthier workplace. Employee incentive programs offer rewards—financial or otherwise—for employees who engage in healthy behavior. Additionally, you can use challenges such as Quit Smoking, Couch to 5K, juice cleanses, or weight-loss challenges to create healthy and friendly competition in your office. You want everyone to be buzzing and talking about how they can make changes with the help and support of their colleagues. 

Yoga at work, Corporate Wellness, The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project’s workshop on Yoga at Work. Simple stretches to keep your body and mind healthy and present throughout the day. Just one example of the workshops we can offer! 

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