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Bradley J. Rosen



Rosen Financial was founded with the intention of helping people get a secure handle on their finances and their financial futures. Bradley J. Rosen, President, has been developing and implementing wealth management and retirement income strategies for individuals and companies for over 14 years. His firm focuses on a client-centric approach, carefully factoring in each client’s circumstances and priorities in relation to their retirement needs.



Additionally, Mr. Rosen believes that overall good physical health will, in turn, benefit one’s financial health. He focuses on using an all-encompassing program that will lead to overall wellness, happiness, financial freedom and stability. Rosen Financial is a forerunner in this type of concept and is finding that his client’s longevity is an important factor in their financial planning. The happier one is in mind and body, the happier and healthier they are in every other aspect of their lives.


In addition to being a leader in his field, Bradley believes it is important to stay active and donate his time and services to his community. As a result he is on the Executive Committee of the Friends of the New World Symphony, a Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce member, and a Young Ambassador for the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Rosen Financial’s Services Include:


Risk Management

Protecting yourself and loved ones is vital to creating a successful financial future. We utilize life and disability insurance to protect your income and your family from lost income should the unexpected happen.



Understanding how to create a budget and effectively plan for future life events such as marriage, birth of a child, starting a new business, buying a home, etc.


Designing a Financial Plan

Based on your unique circumstances, Rosen Financial can tailor a financial plan that will guide you through the most important phases of planning: Accumulation (IRA, Mutual Funds, 401ks, Annuities, etc.), Distribution (Retirement Income Stream and minimizing taxes on that income), and Legacy (Leaving wealth to those left behind in the most efficient manner.



Bradley J. Rosen, President

Rosen Financial



Phone: 786.276.2452

Address: 1111 Lincoln Road, 4th Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Securities offered through NPC of America (NPCOA). Member FINRA/SIPC. Rosen Financial and NPCOA are separate and unrelated companies.


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