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Stephanie B. Ceballos






It all started December of 1999 while studying Psychology at Florida International University, when Stephanie opted to take a nutrition course that changed her life. This class enlightened her to a whole new world; a world about which she discovered her passion and was eager to learn more. Stephanie learned more about the changes occurring in the food industry with her teachers giving specific proof and evidence and how the affects on our health. From here, Stephanie began watching several documentaries and realized there was a movement starting to take place.





Stephanie always craved to look like the girl on the front cover of the latest VOGUE Magazine. She was the type of girl that was always willing to embark on the latest crazy frenzy diet. You name it from diet pills to the cookie diet and excessive time at the gym with not an ounce of a difference.  During one of those periods of dieting, Stephanie ended up in the hospital. She went to get a drink of water in the kitchen during an afternoon of sunbathing and never made it to the refrigerator. Between the combination of the lack of food and the heat, she became weak and fainted. Her body was reacting to an action. 


It was at this point that Stephanie said to herself, “never again will I let this happen to my body because of self infliction”. She realized that she  needed to change her eating habits. Something wasn’t right - She wanted to “Eat to Live” not “Live to Eat”. Her journey began with becoming a pescetarian, which in turn, led to an overall holistic lifestyle. She made sure to stay away from added hormones, pesticides and chemicals that were being injected or sprayed onto items that were at the local grocery store.


Now, Stephanie eats quadruple the amount of what she ate before and has never felt or looked better. Her energy level has surpassed all of her expectations and most important, she has maintained her weight for the exception of when she was pregnant with her son. 


The Beginning of Cucina Del Bambino: In 2012, while living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, Stephanie became a mom to a beautiful, healthy, baby boy in 2012.  Because of her love and passion for nutrition, she began to incorporate her nutrition beliefs into her little bambino’s eating habits. This started with giving him goat milk & avocado at four months and she has continued to be persistent about making sure he receives the essential vitamins and minerals that many people don’t even know about. She realized that she wanted to share her knowledge of nutrition and her ability to stir-up creative concepts in the kitchen with other families. Stepahnie's misison is to use  CDB to teach South Florida families about nutrition. Her vision of CDB has been clear for several years. She wants to bring fresh & natural back into the home, not just by selling their products, but by teaching and guiding families down the road toward a healthy, holistic lifestyle. 


"I believe in feeding my bambino pesticide free ingredients planted in the utmost organic soil possible. I believe in the benefits of raw food for all ages. I believe in feeding my bambino the way our ancestors ate. In my Bambino’s kitchen, I strive to introduce raw essential vitamins and minerals to his little body to ensure proper physical and mental growth. I believe most nutrients should come directly from an organic plant, grain or legume source while ensuring the best quality for my baby. It’s amazing how each city around the world is unique in itself and the influence each has had on my journey. From Miami to New York City to Palm Beach to Merida and to whatever other city is next on God’s agenda for me…Thank You!" 
-Stepahnie Ceballos, Cucina del Bambino


Stephanie B. Ceballos

Cucina del Bambino 






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