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Michelle Meier

LoveJOYoga Therapy

Yoga Therapist RYT-500


Michelle's journey with yoga began in 1999 with a practice that was primarily Vinyasa and Hatha-Yoga© based. With a background in dance and fitness, she valued the strength and flexibility yoga afforded her.


It wasn't until 2012, when her mom was diagnosed for the ninth time with breast cancer that had then metastasized into her bones, that Michelle realized what a lifeline yoga had become for her. 


With six months left to live, her mom inspired everyone with her peaceful acceptance of her fate, focusing on the Love and Joy she felt from her family, her friends, and from God. 

Motivated by her mom's incredible spirit in the face of death, Michelle delved deep into training, first with Terri Cooper of 305 Yoga in her year-long 200-hour Karma Yoga© program followed by another year-long 300-hour intensive in yoga therapy with Allaine Stricklen of Gentle Therapeutics Yoga. 


During her training she learned first hand the remarkable effects that yoga and yoga therapy have on the mind, body, and spirit. 


Getting on her mat helped Michelle process the biggest heartbreak of her life, losing her mom who was also her best friend. 


After extensively studying and experiencing the wide-ranging benefits of yoga therapy for herself, she believes that yoga should be an indispensable part of life and an integral part of healing. Whether healing from illness, injury, grief or the day-to-day stresses we continuously encounter. 


As a certified RYT-500 Yoga Therapist with the Yoga Alliance and IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), Michelle is passionate about helping people find healing and transformation on their personal journeys. 


She specializes in Iyengar-based restorative and therapeutic yoga with the use of props to restore the mind and body. 


Her mom's death was the catlyst for Michelle's mission to help people live happier, healtier lives through LoveJOYoga Therapy. 




Michelle Meier

Yoga Therapist RYT-500

LoveJOYoga Therapy



Phone: 844.MYLOVEJOY (844.695.6835)



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