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Loren Pulitzer





Loren Pulitzer has worked in the food industry for most of her life.  She started in a bakery when she was 13. She loved working with food and enjoyed the people—from those who baked the bread to those that ate it. Her father could see that baking was her passion. After some years of his encouragement, she attended The New York Restaurant School to study baking.


After years of working in the pastry industry in NYC and NJ, Loren completed her degree in Hotel Management at UMass Amherst. She worked in contract food service for two years and in 2002 realized that she wanted to work with organic and natural food. She left her management position and started working for Whole Foods Market. It was there that she learned about food in an entirely new way, as well as, discovered a number of her own food sensitivities. With this new knowledge she began to learn an entirely new way of cooking, baking, and enjoying food.


The path that Loren has walked has led her to healing herself through food and she is excited to pass on this awareness to others. She does small to medium catering events where the focus is on plant-based meals. Her vegan and gluten-free cookie line, Simply Sharon’s are sold in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties her in Florida and Columbus, Ohio. She is committed that everyone has access to both healthy and delicious food.


Loren Pulitzer, Vegan/Vegetarian Chef

Meals That HealSimply Sharons


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