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Dr. Ashley Boudet




Ashley Boudet is a Naturopathic Doctor who has recently relocated to the Miami area from the Pacific Northwest. Trading the cool evergreen forest for the warm open sky and palms, she honors the wisdom in the way environment influences and teaches us. Her clinical training was in primary care Naturopathic Medicine and included women’s health, pediatrics, cardio-pulmonology, dermatology/minor surgery, gastroenterology, and urgent/acute care.


While she thoroughly enjoys the scientific aspects of health and medicine, it is the amazing healing power of Nature that inspires her the most and that she is committed to exploring in practice. While reconnecting to the sunshine and the ocean waves, she is also looking forward to connecting with the Miami wellness community. She loves being able to use her knowledge, skills, and personal experiences to help others navigate the challenges that are bound to arise on a journey towards optimal health and wellness.


“As a naturopathic wellness consultant, I want to hear your story, and then find out how I might be of service to you on your particular path. This will likely involve using plants and water in some way (whole foods nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essences, teas, homeopathy, hydrotherapy) and may also include helping to guide you in finding proper resources or making informed medical decisions. I have found that self care is of utmost importance, and I like to give a lot of information, instructions, recipes, and more so that you can feel supported in finding what will really empower you to be your best.”


Bachelor of Science in Human Performance, University of New Orleans, 2000

Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine (5 year program) with Honors in Research for study of mind/body treatments in breast cancer, National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR 2011

Behavioral Research assistant at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Co, looking at behavioral aspects of asthma and COPD, 2003-2006

Birth Doula training with Blissful Mommy, Aventura, FL, 2013





Phone: (808) 283-3637




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