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Chad Weller



Chad Weller is one of South Florida's rising stars in ultra marathons. He competes in the 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile races both in the US and internationally. This last year he finished his first 100 mile race, in the Florida Keys, and in the elite top 25% in the Thailand 100k. 


Weller has been an athlete since he could walk. At an early age, he focused on sports. His athletic success in high school as a D1 state basketball champion taught him that hard work pays off. Weller worked hard for years as a professional model, Weller traveled to New York, L.A., Paris, Milan, and London. His passion for running ignited when he realized that he could see much more of the city by foot than public transportation. When he wasn't working as a model, he would lace up his shoes and explore these cities. One of his most memorable achievements was running the Paris marathon in 2006 along with 65,000+ other competitors. 


Since his initial successes in marathon running, Weller has founded his own running company, R U Running, and is honored to representPrevent Child Abuse America, an organization that strives to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children. Education is a keyfactor to cultivating healthy habits and healthy families. 

Through ultra marathon running, motivational speaking, and fundraisers,Weller is able to inspire youth to overcome obstacles through

passion, health & fitness. Last year, Weller delivered several motivationaland educational speeches to top colleges and foundations in South

Florida. Additionally, through his company, he trains runners, triathletes, rock climbers, children, and anyone inspired to work hard. Chad's dedication and passion to living a healthy life is something he is proud to share with others. Helping others brings him fulfillment on a personal level and empowers people to live a life that they have always dreamed of. He sees running Ultra Marathons as the ultimate way to inspire others.


"One of the best feelings is to experience success after a rigorous journey in the pursuit of passion.

To share that feeling and help empower others is even greater." - Chad Weller




Interesting Facts About Chad: 


  • Runs 75-125 miles per week

  • Running Coach for 10 Years

  • Vegan for 18 Years

  • Cross Trains with Yoga

  • Runs 15-25 miles per day



Chad Weller, Pro Runner

R U Running





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Running Stats: 


  • 1st in Age - Everglades 50m 2014

  • 5th Place - Everglades 50m 2014

  • USA Track & Field Trail Championship 2014

  • Finisher Keys 100m 2013

  • Top 25 in Thailand 100k 2013

  • 9th place in Keys 50m 2011

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